One of the great things about doing photography in general, and nature photography in particular, is that you start seeing the world in a different manner… Either noticing how the light changes in different places at different times; how a familiar scene actually is really beautifully composed; or noticing small things around you that otherwise would be left unnoticed. As one of those photographers who likes crawling around on their knees for a different perspective or a shot of an intriguing insect, I’ve been surprised by how much other people miss in the world around them. That’s the idea behind the blog’s name, and this blog post – to share with others the beauty I find, sometimes, in the smallest of things. Enjoy!

I found this pair of rusty keys in a tree by the Thames. I found the image quite poetic, but I was also struck by the combination of purple flowers and green keys, and the contrast between the rusty metal and the bark of the tree. 

This must be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen – a pine cone inside an eider duck’s egg shell. Both pines and eiders are common on the island in the Finnish archipelago where I found this, but the shell was really tightly wrapped around the cone, as if it had just hatched. A real treasure. 

I found this little mystery on my parents-in-law’s farm in Morocco – a tiny flower inside the remnants of a wasp nest. To think that you can find things like these in your own back yard will always give me the motivation to keep going out and be as aware as possible of my surroundings. Not that I really need more motivation…


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