the lives of moroccan kittens

The farm that my parents-in-law have in Morocco is teeming with cats of all kinds. One or two are taken indoors and raised there until they get a bit older, but the vast majority lives outside where they get food everyday. Most of them are really beautiful, the rest incredibly charming. It’s hard not to fall in love, as I did…

This is Charlie, one of those cats with more personality than good looks. He was incredibly small and abandoned by his mother. It was difficult for him to keep clean, which gave him a slightly rugged look. He had the world’s greatest personality, though, and of the few weeks we spent in Morocco that time, I spent most of it with Charlie.

This is a slightly more colourful picture of Charlie. About half a year after I visited Morocco, I was told that he had been killed by a dog. I was surprised by how sad that made me – I had looked forward to seeing him again for so long!

This was one of the kittens who got to come indoors for a few months. I love the whiskers in this picture – I like calling it the Cat Messiah. These kittens (there were 4 of them) are incredibly beautiful, but maybe not the brightest..

This is Amira II, named after our wonderful cat in Finland (Amira means princess in Arabic). They look very much alike and have similar personalities although they’ve never met. Amira II is the current kitten to be staying indoors and I really look forward to seeing her again when we go back to Morocco!

We also realized that Amira II likes reading, at least pretending to read with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed the look into some of the kittens on a farm in Morocco!

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