those music-loving mammals

There are a lot of photographers who do awesome concert and band photography. I’m not one of them and I haven’t really attempted it either. I do have many friends who are wonderful musicians, though, and I always enjoy taking pictures of them. I think I enjoy that more because I feel like the photos are getting a more personal touch that way – I know these people and enjoy their music, and I’m feeling completely comfortable taking pictures of them.

I hope you enjoy these slightly more personal portraits of some musicians I know!

This picture was taken under quite difficult circumstances. The lights were low and there were a lot of things (and other players) blocking my friend, who is a great violinist (and singer!). I tried hard and for a long time, and this is what I got. I wasn’t too disappointed with the end result (although some things could certainly have been better).

Rebecca Clamp is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, who I’ve lately befriended (after enjoying her music for a long, long time). Here she’s playing in a bar in Helsinki.

This is from a more private concert at our summer cottage in the archipelago. We took the keyboard out to the island in a rowing boat, with all the food and water we needed (the cottage has no electricity nor running water). This photo was taken when it was stormy outside: the rain played a beautiful rhythm and the thunder was shaking the roof.

And this, of course, is my best friend (haha)! I took this self-portrait when I had just bought my studio flashes and I wanted to practise using them, and I had no other models available. I quite liked the lighting set-up, so even though I’m not a musician, I thought I’d throw this in, too.

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