alternative studio photos

The first few times I got to play in a real photography studio, I mostly did fairly boring things with the lighting. It was a great way to learn to control the lights and know what kind of photo I’d get before seeing it. It did get boring quite quickly, though, so from then on I started using the lights in a less conventional way. If you experiment a lot, you’re bound to have quite a few failures, and I’m no stranger to those. Mostly it worked out well, though, and on the way, I learnt even more about photography and it’s possibilities.

Here are some more experimental photos I’ve done in the studio – I hope you like them!

I put a friend inside a canvas box, lit it from behind and combined four separate photos to get this one. We had a slightly spooky studio session that day.

Another time, I wrapped a friend in a sheet (I have wonderful friends)… This one I call ‘Emergence’.

… and this one ‘Apolysis’, which is the separation of the cuticle from the epidermis during shedding in arthropods.

Rubin’s vase.

It was an interesting exercise to get this lighting to work – you can’t have too much, nor to little. The photo is inspired by Nine Inch Nails’ song ‘Closer’.

For a bit of brightness in this row of very dark pictures, I’ll end with this intentionally over-exposed one that was also a lot of fun to take.

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