science, sunsets and stories of life

This week, I’m teaching a course at one of the University of Helsinki’s biological stations, the Tvärminne zoological station. This is where I’ve spent all my summers since starting university – first taking the course I’m now teaching, then joining the world’s best research group and working on ants for several summers.

This summer I’m only spending a week here, but it feels like coming back home. I feel like I know this place so well, and it’s a stunningly beautiful place. Apart from being a huge inspiration for my photography, being the place where I’ve learnt most things about biology and how to work in a group, this is also where I first met my beloved partner.

These are some pictures from my years here, I hope you enjoy them!

The view from the main building at the station – I think I’ve seen more summer sunrises and sunsets here than anywhere else. Around midsummer, sunset is around 11 pm here and sunrise at 4 am.

I mostly worked on the islands around the zoological station. The islands are protected for research, which means you have to have a permit to walk around on them.

I’ve loved taking pictures of a lot of plants and animals – this is a mute swan (Cygnus olor).

A damselfly.

An insect nymph of some kind…

Dandelion seeds.

There are a lot of moose around the station – sometimes they visit the soccer field, too!

I don’t sail, but there are a lot of sailing going on in the area around the station – and the boats look beautiful around sunset.

Sunset at one of the islands where I worked.

I didn’t always work alone, and even after leaving academia, some of the researchers are still my close friends. Some of the islands have old buildings on them, where the students or personnel at the station used to live – this is taken in one of those.

I also didn’t always work as hard as I should have – here I’m posing for Towel Day, the day when we celebrate Douglas Adams. In the background, you can see some of the station and in front of me, one of the ant nests we studied.

Tvärminne, I will miss you – but I’ll always be back!

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