surrounded by dinosaurs

We’ve all heard that all dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.Yet, there is a general consensus among scientists that some of them still are with us: birds are considered the only surviving clade (taxonomic group) of dinosaurs. This does not at all diminish the impact of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event – on the contrary, to me it’s an amazing and intriguing thought that these animals that we are so used to descend from the only group of dinosaurs that survived the series of catastrophic events that took place about 65 million years ago and killed many other organisms.

To experience these modern dinosaurs, you just need to open your eyes and ears and enjoy the beauty in their flight and song.

I find even the most common birds very graceful and interesting – to think how far some of them can migrate, and how well others can survive temperature shifts of 60 degrees C during a year has always amazed me. This is a juvenile Blackbird in the winter (Helsinki, Finland).

A curious Great tit at the graveyard(Helsinki, Finland).

Sometimes, it’s hard to catch them before they fly away, which is why I call this one Absence.

Territorial behaviour of a Mute swan (Tvärminne, Finland).

A crow greeting the sunset in Kuhmo, Finland.

Cattle egrets at dawn (Ain el-Aouda, Morocco).

A Lesser black-backed gull in Tvärminne, Finland.

A Barn swallow in Tvärminne, Finland.

Not all young animals are adoring… This is the young of a Ural owl in Heinola, Finland.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures – and remember that next time you go out to look at birds, you can claim to go on a dinosaur safari!

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