memories of morocco

I woke up today and realized: it’s been far too long.

Too long since I’ve seen my family in Morocco, too long since I’ve felt so at home so far away from what I’ve always considered home, too long since bad movies, good tea and too much food. My partner’s parents live near Rabat, and we usually visit them twice a year, once for at least 3 weeks. Going there is like leaving this world and just forgetting about all the worries in the world. At the same time, it’s a place where it’s very clear that me being able to feel that way is an incredible luxury. The moment i leave the heavenly farm my parents in law run, I see the shacks people live in, the work old women and men do, and constant demonstrations against unemployment. To me, it’s a place full of contrasts and opposites: beautiful landscapes covered in plastic bags, mansions next to collapsing shacks, deserts and seas, drought and swimming pools, designer shops and the Medina.

So while I dream of going back soon (and plan a trip for august), here are some pictures from my earlier trips to Morocco – I hope you enjoy them!

Late night soccer in Rabat.

Sunset by the Atlantic in Rabat.

Sweet dreams and beautiful morning light at home.

Coming from Finland, the eternal supply of fresh fruit is heavenly…

Tourists (a friend) in the medina in Rabat.

… but not everyone’s a tourist in Morocco.

Cattle transport in central Morocco.

Different modes of transport in the Sahara desert.

Catching the sun falling into the Atlantic outside Rabat.

And the classic picture – a wonderful cup of mint tea in the evening by the beach in Rabat…

Morocco, I’ll be back soon!

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