shadow play

Photography is about light – or more correctly, about the combination of different levels of light. Shadow in a photographic sense is where there’s very little light in a photograph. What I’ll be talking about today, though, are the shadows cast by objects or beings.

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of things that aren’t actually there. Shadows without owners is one example of this, and to me, these kinds of pictures always create a sensation of absence, or the production of something new and passing. For shadows are dependent on light and on a mass that blocks it, which means that they will always move and always change shape. There is something very intriguing about shadows; they’re not mirror images, they’re not perfect copies of the body that creates them and they’re killed by light.

I hope I can share my sense of awe for these small, but significant, things in life!

I caught this situation at the Chinese New Year’s celebration in Helsinki in 2009 – it seems shadows can be quite dangerous at times…

From the same celebration – a competition between a person and his shadow!

In this case, the lack of a shadow creates a well-known pattern on a leaf in Morocco.

Shadows can also confuse our eyes. Here’s a glass and its shadow – can you figure out which is which?

The most important thing in photography is to keep one’s eyes open. That’s when you start to realize how little people actually see..

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