kyrka, kirkko, church

Even though I don’t find any kind of spiritual comfort in churches, I’ve always enjoyed visiting them (at other times than worship). To me they are a cultural heritage and I always find their histories intriguing. Churches have been used for so much, and so much (people, resources, riches) has been sacrificed to build and maintain them. To some extent, I guess I have the same relationship to churches as I have to graveyards – as something intriguing, alien and omnipresent. Maybe photographing these things is my way of trying to understand the human mind and religion.

The modern-looking church in Viikki, Helsinki.

Inside the Turku cathedral.

The cantor practising in the Turku cathedral (same as above).

A friend outside the Uspenskij orthodox cathedral in Helsinki.

Lighting candles inside Uppsala cathedral, Sweden.

The church that God abandoned? A church turned flea market in Norwich, UK. It looked more like God’s playground…

… And so many more.

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