silent observers

Once upon a time, my granddad’s parents gave my grandparents the summercottage they had built. A few years ago, as my grandparents got so old that they could  no longer take care of it, they handed it to me. My granddad is now dead and my grandmum won’t probably be able to visit the summer cottage anymore. Since me and my partner live in Helsinki and the summer cottage is about 450 km north, we don’t go there often enough. One day, we plan to move closer to it, and take care of the cottage better.

In the meantime, we visit it 2-4 times a year. This means that it looks like it has frozen in time – like my grandparents left it. When we visited the place last weekend, I was struck by all the small figurines that were sitting on the windowsills and on the tables. It felt like they had also become frozen in time, observing only the slow changing of the seasons, the spiders building their webs and the occasional bee that manages to get in. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

You might guess that the summer cottage is in the archipelago, based on the fact that most of the figurines are supposed to be birds…

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