west virginia

As a part of our trip to the U.S., with Washington D.C. as our base camp, we visited my brother-in-law’s wife’s parents in West Virginia. It was a wonderful trip where we met great people and saw lots of beautiful places. We didn’t stay long, but I managed to take quite a few photos anyway… Here are some of them, I hope you enjoy!

The same sun always rises in the morning, but this time, the place was different. I went for an early morning walk before breakfast and the sunrise was spectacular.

We managed to avoid prosecution.

We met some friendly cows who were already having their breakfast – made me a bit hungry, too.

One of the things that never stopped amazing me were all the signs and warnings. We do have them here, too, but I’ve never seen signs for deaf and blind children – we usually just warn that there are children in the neighborhood, and people should therefore drive very slowly. I also found it a bit intriguing that the ‘children’ part is italicised – and that I couldn’t see any warnings for deaf and blind adults…

Off they went, and I went back to the house to have a marvellous breakfast…

We had some wonderful hot chocolate, fruits and a lot of other great things to eat. The hospitality was incredible and welcoming.

Idyllic scenery I found when I went for another walk during the day.

“Proud and armed dad of 2 beautiful girls” – this one was a bit of a culture shock, I have to admit.

In the evening, we went out to explore the surroundings again. It was a quiet and beautiful evening, and again, the scenery was great.

The evening got a bit cloudy later on, which is great for photography. After this, we headed back to DC.

All in all, our trip to the U.S. was an incredible experience. We got to spend time with family, see both big cities, national parks and the countryside, and experience different parts of North American culture. And, I got to take a lot of pictures, in particular of signs and bumper stickers. They’re coming up as a blog post sometime soon, too…

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