the brilliant singer and songwriter rebecca clamp

Over the past year, I’ve taken quite a few pictures of my good friend and talented singer/songwriter Rebecca Clamp. The first time I heard her music I instantly fell for her often witty, always poetic and meaningful lyrics and her wonderful voice. Now, over a year later, we’re good friends and she is one of the people who inspired me to take my most beloved hobby, photography, and make it into something I do for a living (my secret dream). A couple of my favourite songs of hers are St. Wilgefortis (the first song of hers I heard), The Voyage and One String Bass – you should check them out!

I’ve taken pictures of her at gigs both before I got to know her and after; during our adventures around Finland; and in the studio where we went to have fun about a month ago. Below you can see some of these pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

In the studio, trying strong colours and soft lighting…

… and black & white and stronger shadows. In this one, we tried out Rembrandt lighting, but left out the triangle of light under her left eye. It’s fun to try different lighting techniques!

On one of our adventures, we went on a snow hike in Kemijärvi in Finnish Lapland.

This summer, we’ve also had several picnics…

And finally, some pictures of Rebecca in action: this one I took before knew nothing about her except her music.

She played at the Helsinki World Design Capital pavillion a couple of times this summer. In this shot, I tried to capture the passion in her performance through the movements of her hands.

I quite like this picture and the next; to me, they capture the depth of her music and intensity of her performance.

During this gig, it just so happened to be the day of St. Wilgefortis, the saint of bearded ladies! So, of course, Rebecca wore a beard…

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