playful kittens in morocco

This post is a kind of place-holder until I get the time to make another blog post (processing photos from a wedding gig at the moment, you’ll get to see some of those shots soon!). And anyway: who can resist cats, especially playful small ones? I think this might be a good distraction until I’m really back!

These photos are from my parents-in-law’s farm near Rabat, Morocco, where cats reign. Sorry about the very limited commentary, it’s a very rare event that I do it like this. I hope you enjoy the post anyway!


My beloved ones: my partner & Charlie II.

2 thoughts on “playful kittens in morocco

    • Hi there, and thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. They’re not my kittens, they’re semi-wild cats at my parents-in-law’s farm in Morocco (I live in Finland). 🙂

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