my (almost) winning photos of my city, helsinki!

Last month, I submitted some photos to a photo competition arranged by, among others, the Helsinki Region Welcome Weeks and the Arts Council of Uusimaa. I came second and today the one-week exhibition of the top 5 submissions started in downtown Helsinki (meetingpoint@lasipalatsi)! If you live around here and have the chance to go, you should – there are quite some nice photos there! For those of you for whom it isn’t that easy to just jump on a tram and come to downtown Helsinki, I thought I’d at least share my contribution to the exhibition.
The idea of the competition was to share your own view of Helsinki in a series of 5 photos. I hope these photos give you a glimpse of what I love about the city I nowadays call my own. Feel free to comment!

Looking south from a bird tower in northern Helsinki as skiing tracks on the snow-covered ice reflect the smoke from an industrial chimney.

A friend and a swan enjoying the summer weather.

We had a lot of snow last winter… I spent a lot of time photographing in the graveyard. I thought the snow that had piled up on this lantern made quite a funny shape.

Brave/stupid people fishing on the thinning spring ice . Some lighter animal (probably a fox) has left its tracks and shows how soft and wet the ice really is.

A common sight in winter – ducks swimming in a temporary pond surrounded by ice.

8 thoughts on “my (almost) winning photos of my city, helsinki!

    • thanks for the good question! it wasn’t very easy… i picked out some (many) photos i had taken in helsinki, and removed many because i didn’t like them that much. i decided they should be photos that i associate with my life in helsinki and based on that, i removed photos one after another until i had 5 left. it wasn’t the most efficient way to do it, i think, but it worked!

  1. Hi Hannele,

    I’d like to invite you to present a “Postcard from Finland” on my blog, with your own choice of your favourite pictures (10 or so?) of your beautiful country. Would you be interested?
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley

  2. I CANNOT believe that these images did NOT win! I met you at Josh and Aino’s wedding reception in Espoo.(Josh’s mom and dad). These photos are beautiful!

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