finding my own paris

In August, I went to Paris to visit family. It was the second time I went (the first time only for a day), and this time I was determined to like it more. Not because everyone else seems to think so highly of the city, but because I didn’t think it fair to dismiss a city I had only seen for a few hours, on my way from Helsinki to Rabat, in the midst of their rebuilding of the railway from the airport to the city.

My views did change: it’s a city I wouldn’t mind going back to, but it’s still not on my top-list of cities to visit (apart from the fact that I have family there, of course). I enjoyed my visit and having great summer weather didn’t make it worse. I thought I’d share some photos showing what I found in Paris – a city surrounded with so much myth and magic. Have you visited? Do you have some favourite spots apart from the usual tourist attractions? I’d be happy to hear about them so I can go find them next time!

The first impression I ever got of Paris was that the airport is really surreal. This scene added to that feeling – a sandy beach by the Seine. Maybe it’s just me, but the only reason I see for hanging out on a beach is swimming, and I doubt any of these people were swimming in the river. Maybe I’m wrong, and anyway, it looked like they were enjoying themselves!

Well, they call it the city of love…

In the botanical garden… Tried something different from my usual style here – it’s good to leave one’s safe places sometimes!

French love.

I found this lonely-looking dog waiting outside a shop…

Bird washing in the cafe in the mosque complex.

The last evening we spent eating and drinking wine by the Seine. It was nice to see so many people out in the warm summer evening, enjoying themselves. The only problem was the tourist riverboats that used spotlights to light up the people sitting on the edge of the river – not exactly a romantic thing to have happen…

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