i left a part of me in étretat

I saw a bit more of France in August than just Paris – which was good, because I always think it’s good to see other aspects of a country than its capital. We drove to Honfleur where we stayed for a couple of days. We went driving to Étretat twice; a very touristy town full of restaurants and souvenir shops. It’s hard not to like the place, though, even if the town might be a bit too much for someone’s (mine) taste. The cliffs, the ocean and the tide – a powerful combination, especially for someone like me who comes from a place basically without tides.

I focused more on the small things than the larger landscape shots – there are (unfortunately) always people there, and without doubt, they’ll be in your shot. It makes for a different kind of nature photograph; and sure enough, the hordes of people flooding the shore at low tide to collect shellfish did look like one of the great natural migrations.


Leave yourself!

It was foggy and cold, but people still seemed to swim – or be on a pilgrimage to the church on the hill.

Honestly, I found the different types of algae more interesting – such beautiful shapes and colours!

An entangled snail.

The rock itself was also really interesting – it has eroded in really interesting ways.

After a while I found myself in a cave, hiding from all those collectors out there, I imagine.

The ship on the horizon didn’t come and rescue me.

See? It’s like they were all swarming and walking into the sea!

A very foggy evening – the faint lights in the background outline the cliff in the previous photo.

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