… and suddenly, there was winter!

Its arrival was a surprise this year, and not a gentle one! Last Wednesday there was no snow to be seen on the streets of Helsinki – two days later we had up to 20cm of it. Waking up to dunes of snow on the windows and cars stuck in their parking spots was lovely (for someone without a car) – November was so very dark before the thick blanket of white was laid down.

Enough talk – here are some pictures from the past few days!


Nature’s own window decorations…


Before the cars got very, very stuck – this was on day one of snowfall.


Crawling up the walls.


A snowy mountain range!


More to carry.


It’s also getting colder and ice has started to form in the Baltic, creating beautiful shapes and hues.

… And the snow is supposed to just keep coming!

4 thoughts on “… and suddenly, there was winter!

  1. Nice pictures, I can see what I am missing now. Bring on February โ€“ I should be shortly visiting then, and I expect hell to have frozen over by then : )

    • there’s even more of it now! i hope it doesn’t go away, but that this is actually the beginning of winter… february is usually quite good, not a bad time to visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to seeing you then.

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