my favourites from the year gone by!

This year I travelled to New York, Paris, Etretat; Morocco, and to many places in Finland; I taught a lot of first-year biology courses, including two field courses; I started focusing on my photography and did several wedding photo shoots; and I published a couple of popular science articles in the local newspaper. All in all, it was a great year full of surprises and creativity. I’ve been surrounded by incredible friends and a big, loving family wherever I’ve gone in the world. The success of my beloved partner’s science blog has made me very glad, too: the success is well-deserved!

As so many others, I decided to collect my best nature photos of 2012 in a blog post. Have you done the same? Add your link here!

Happy New Year from Morocco to everyone!


The year started cold, with beautiful shapes…


My summer was full of field courses – but this time as a teaching assistant!


It’s always great to find the small, often unseen things around us… This is a yellow stagshorn (Calocera viscosa), below is the great sundew (Drosera anglica).



I apparently only liked taking black and white photos of birds: above, a coal tit (Periparus ater), below a mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos).


One night, I decided to go out and photograph the secret equations in Helsinki


Some urban nature photography: above, death in New York; below, reincarnation in Helsinki.



And last but not least, hymenopterans in Morocco! My favourite order if I had one, and one of my favourite places, certainly. Above, a picture of an ant in the business of moving; below, a couple of angry wasps.


6 thoughts on “my favourites from the year gone by!

  1. I like your frost abstraction. I used to see patterns like that on windows when I was growing up in New York, but I’ve lived in Texas for decades now and no longer get to see frost on windows.

    • it’s incredible what shapes frost can make, isn’t it? i bet you can see lots of other things in texas that you couldn’t see in new york, though. 🙂 i’m glad you like the photo, thanks for commenting!

      • The advantage of living this far south is that we have mild winters and there are flowers and little critters out during most of the year (though the temperature as I write this is 36° and the sky is gray). As a result, I can do nature photography pretty much the whole year.

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