on the wrong side of the lens – photographers in photos

Sometimes, there’s just a photographer in the way of what you actually want to take a picture of. Lately, I’ve learned to appreciate that fact instead of getting annoyed; sometimes you just have to accept things the way they are and adapt! After all, I’m not the center of the universe, and neither are you (sorry!). Most of the photographers I’ve managed to get in my frame are the people I like doing photography trips with: friends and family. And what better way to remember all those early morning car rides, spontaneous stops by the road, hikes through incredible landscapes and relaxed hang-outs on the beach than immortalizing the people I’ve shared the experiences with, as well as the beautiful scenery?

Maybe it’s a sign of me becoming sentimental, but that’s alright, too. Here are some photos of my fellow photographers, mostly from my last trip to Morocco: great people to share experiences with and to have step into your frame.


We went out to do photography before sunrise in Morocco at the beginning of the year. I quite liked the silhouette of camera and photographer. That little blurred point is Venus.


Walking in a beautiful scene, towards the waves… Sometimes I think photographers (me included) are so goal-driven that they miss the beauty of the things that already surround them.


Stopping for a quick sunset photo shoot!

Bild 959_2000_72

A friend filming on the edge of a pseudocrater in Iceland.


Photography can be done with several different kinds of cameras… This is in Essaouira, Morocco.


My partner photographing (and being splashed by) a big wave in Rabat, Morocco.

4 thoughts on “on the wrong side of the lens – photographers in photos

  1. nice shots! From my point of view, fellow photographers are extremely great to get an idea of the dimensions and sizes. Also as a way to tell the story of a shot. I keep getting annoyed, though, if their appearance (clothes, gestures) is completely out of the scene… and there almost always is a bright-shirt-guy in bright blue jeans on a rock music concert who shoots for his son on stage or the local newspaper…
    I really like the first one. The silhouette is working great with the warm colors of the sunrise. Cheers!

    • yes, it’s not always easy to appreciate all the people that get into your shot… but as you say, sometimes they’re just what the photo needs!

      the first one is my favourite, too; thanks a lot for your comment!

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