laughing, crying, playing, dancing – child photography in the studio

Two days ago, I took a friend and her family to the studio to take photos of their 14-month-old child. It had been a while since I last did a child photo shoot, and it was about time! It’s always fun and interesting to see how kids react to the strange environment we put them in in the studio – a single-coloured sheet to sit/stand on, surrounded by flashing lights and a stranger with a camera in front. Most kids seem to like the flashes, which is fortunate! This time, the child also seemed to have an affinity for the camera which produced some fun “attacking the camera” shots…

It went really well, though, and I think we all had a lot of fun! It was great to have both parents there, too – it helps with keeping the kid entertained and feeling comfortable. With the permission of the family, I’m sharing some of the fun shots from that day in the studio. I hope you enjoy them!


Sometimes dad’s hair can even distract from the flashing lights and the weird person lying on the floor!


When doing child photography, I’ve noticed that it’s good to start with some shots with the parent/parents. This way, the child gets used to the whole situation and often even starts enjoying it. When they get the center stage for themselves, they shine even brighter!


In this photo I clearly left some room for a greeting to be written on the left… The waving was quite spontaneous – like most things when shooting with kids of this age. It adds some challenge, but also a lot of personality to the shots, making them even better!


Bringing toys is important to keep the child entertained in front of the camera – and beautiful toys like this car are perfect!


After drumming on the chairs for a while with the back against the camera, I finally got some good shots of just the child.


Even if the kids usually enjoy the time in the studio (as long as it isn’t too long), I think it’s really the parents who enjoy it most… And it works out best when they just forget about the camera and play around as usual!


Another good thing about photographing kids in the studio is that they certainly let you know when they’re done. I caught this calming embrace as one of the last photos of the session.

Thanks to the beautiful family who joined me in the studio! πŸ™‚

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