bow tie!

This is a bit of a place-holder. I’ve been quite busy lately and not had time to make a blog post – sorry about that! I’m making this post just to let you know that I’m alive.

I’ve been looking for a second-hand bow tie for a long time now (because bow ties are cool), but not had any luck. I wanted one enough to go buy a second-hand tie instead, and try to make it into a bow tie. It worked! I’m horrible at sewing, so I’m extra proud of this one. Fortunately, I had good help (I just ignored the “husband” and “little boy” parts of the text – I wanted one for myself!).

So despite not having created a nice blog post, I have managed to create something, and I decided to share it with you whether you want it or not!

Behold the Bow Tie:




I had a pretty interesting day today, apart from proudly walking around with my bow tie. One photo job I got turned out to be a money laundering attempt; I was contacted by two magazines who are interested in my pictures; and I will have a teaching assistant for the first time when I teach statistics in April. All in all, a pretty interesting day in the life of a self-unemployed (a great name for freelancer that I heard today) photographer!

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