happy friends’ day!

I suffer with the poor souls who are my friends; who have no way of avoiding being caught on my sensor. Oh well,  it’s not my fault they’re all so beautiful.

Today is called Friends’ Day (which I far prefer to Valentine’s day) in most of Scandinavia, so I’ll share some shots I’ve taken of my dear friends during the past few years. All photos (except maybe one) are taken in their natural environments (not in the studio). You might also notice that most of the time, there is no posing. I’m lucky to be surrounded with such wonderful people, although some of them are further away.

I hope you enjoy these, and take a moment to remember good friends, past and present. Have a wonderful day!


Visiting a good friend in Washington D.C.


My partner in Washington D.C.


In Rabat, Morocco. And yes, sometimes my friends smile, too:


Hanging out with friends at my usual summer residence, Tvärminne zoological station, Finland.


Summer at the station.


Good friends enjoying a concert (by another good friend!) in Helsinki.


Adventuring in Turku.


Visiting a lifelong friend in Korsholm.


Some of my friends are slightly insane.


Some of them enjoy snow as much as I do!


Sometimes they’re a bit creepy…


… but still lovely to hang out with!

6 thoughts on “happy friends’ day!

  1. It somehow seems more generous and warm-hearted to remember friendship than to selfishly focus on a single partner for the whole day….but I guess it might not, if it were phrased differently. 🙂

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong or selfish with celebrating a day with one’s partner, of course. It’s just that I think people already do that – anniversaries and such – and there’s nothing similar to celebrate friendship.

      I guess I also just don’t like the word ‘Valentine’ or the commercialisation of relationships. And for people without a partner, for one reason or another, I think it’s nicer to celebrate friendship. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Also known as “All hearts’ day” (awkward translation from Swedish); inviting celebration of the existence of all one’s partners and friends and family members and such. With possibility to extend thoughts towards all humans and a whole lot of other (but not all) animals. (I was going to add ghosts and fairies and the lot, but not sure whether they do have hearts, in general?)

    • True; thanks for including that other name for this day! I wonder how All Brains’ Day would go down with the general population (it might exclude more creatures, maybe? I guess it depends on how a brain is defined…).

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