outdoor portraits: clouds, cold fingers and warm laughter

Last Saturday, I grabbed my camera and flash and headed out into the cooling Helsinki afternoon. I met up with a happy group of young women, and together we headed to one of the many parks in the southern part of the city. Equipped with champagne and many smiles, we walked around the park and down to the sea. The occasion was the birthday of Seija. Her friends thought it was time for her to have new portraits taken of herself – the only professional photos she had of herself before then were from highschool times. High time, indeed!

We timed the photo session for just before sunset. Sure enough, the sun got closer to the horizon, but behind a thick layer of clouds. That didn’t bring us down, and we kept warm by walking and laughing.

I had a great time photographing Seija. She is photogenic, not shy and had a great group of friends to support her and make her laugh. By the end of it, my fingers were well frozen, and I was happy to head home to process the produce of the day.

I decided to share some of the photos from that day with you, I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to comment and ask questions.
Oh, and if you’re in Helsinki tomorrow, come to Arkadia International Bookshop (Nervanderinkatu 11) to say hi and/or have your photo taken by me! I’ll be there between 11am and 3pm, and it’s ridiculously cheap (and a one-time thing).


Happy sisters in cold weather.






Adding some variation with sepia.

Thanks to Seija’s wonderful, happy friends who contacted me to come and take her pictures – and to Seija herself for being a great person to photograph!

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