abandoned angels

I’m off to Stockholm in a couple of hours, so I thought I’d leave you with a quick post so you don’t miss me too much! In Sweden, I’m hoping to take some good photos and be inspired by the exhibition by Henri Cartier-Bresson at Fotografiska museet. Until I’m back, you’ll get this perhaps slightly more morbid post from me.

Graveyards are interesting places. Even in large cities, they take up a substantial amount of valuable land. People travel to visit stones under which the remains of their relatives and friends are buried. They burn candles, pick or buy flowers which eventually die by the grave stone, and sometimes they add small creatures of stone to these places of worship. I guess this is what I do when I can’t go out in the wild – I study and try to understand the behaviour of this large social ape species of ours.

Winter is a very quiet time in graveyards. It’s truly a place of rest – a thick layer of snow covers everything and takes the sharpness out of the sounds of the city. Sometimes, it also feels like a place out of a fairy tale with strange shapes, birds chirping and squirrels playing, but no humans in sight. The only sign of our species is the rare candle that slowly melts its way through the snow, making it even harder to see.

Spring is when everything becomes revealed again: all the flowers left from before the snow fell, all the things that have gathered as the snow has accumulated, and the things that have been eroded by cold. Small angel statues slowly show their faces and wings. Stone birds reveal their ever-quiet beaks. It’s a slow, quiet process that is somehow very calming. Soon, the graveyard will be full of humans again – full of sounds and fresh flowers.


Enduring winter.


Emerging from the snow.


This angel spent winter hiding in a lantern.


This one found a very tight-fitting hiding place in a crack in the rock.


The snow and ice had been harsh to this one.

I hope you all enjoy the arrival of spring/autumn!

8 thoughts on “abandoned angels

  1. Stone angels post-DW will never, ever be not creepy. The last photo in particular gets creepiness points. That said, lovely shots! I think I like the first one most.

    • hehe, yes, you’re certainly right! these were all quite small, but i don’t think that affects their ability to feed… thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. part of a line from one of my poems:
    …where children were, now angels are.
    very poignant photos, Hannele…

    :nod: pip

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