ice, ice, baby

Sorry, that’s a horrible title. I’m going to use it anyway, though, because I don’t want to be alone in having a potpourri of that song and Queen’s and Bowie’s “Under Pressure” playing in my head all day. Happy easter!

Ice is a wonderful thing. It looks beautiful: it changes shape all the time, and depending on the light conditions, you can see a myriad of details and varying landscapes. It also sings when you skate on it, or whispers secrets if you stand quietly by the shoreline in winter.

Winter is almost over, and even though I always welcome the new season with open arms, I’m not one of the people who gets tired of the old one and just wants it to go away for a while. There is something interesting and beautiful about every season – ice is one of the amazing things about the season that is now ending.

Welcome, Spring; see you again, Winter.


Ice after sunset.


Black and white often works to bring out the textures and abstract features of ice.



The sun eating away at the frozen water.


We walk on it, drive cars on it, and sometimes, drive boats through it. It’s interesting to think that what now mostly just gives us pleasure and entertainment must have been quite a big deal a long time ago with new trade routes opening during winter.

I hope you people on the northern hemisphere enjoy the last moments of winter and the first ones of spring; and you in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the coming of autumn and the farewell of summer.

(If you’re interested in prints of these pictures or any of my other photos, check out my portfolio on RedBubble, my website, or contact me!)

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