sunsets, sail boats and unseen soldiers

Last Friday, I joined a group of photographers and went to Santahamina/Sandhamn, a neighbourhood and military base in Helsinki. Apart from being a military area with thousands of soldiers and the National Defence University, it’s also a place with unique natural areas and values – this is the case in many military areas in Finland, thanks to the absence of outsiders and hunting. Santahamina has the oldest forests in Helsinki and hosts a high diversity of birds, insects and plants.

We were guided around the island and informed where we could freely move by a local resident. It was an interesting trip, and I really enjoyed the sea and the trees. We didn’t see any soldiers, though, which I don’t mind. The sunset over Helsinki was stunning thanks to some smoke coming in from eastern Europe, and for me the evening scene became even better when a sailing ship went past me through a narrow strait, back towards the city.

I hope you enjoy the photos; feel free to leave a comment!


A tranquil scene with a sail ship and the sun setting behind Helsinki.


The colours of the evening reflecting in the calm waters. 


The Helsinki skyline with the Pasila and the Kallio church towers, behind a cottage on a small island.


The beauty of dead wood.


A view as I walked towards our cars, after sunset.


An evening haze.

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