as summer creeps in

It felt like summer had arrived when evening was getting closer and we decided not to bother with the outer tent. The feeling was accentuated by the late sunset, and the arrival of a couple of mosquitoes. When it was time for our evening snack, the kayaks were safely on land, our sleeping bags were awaiting us in the tent and we were watching the sun set behind Finland’s longest bridge.

This year’s kayaking season started in mid-May, which is pretty good, considering that it didn’t start at all last year… We stayed out for one night only; a good way to satisfy my getting-out-of-the-city needs while awakening my hunger for more kayaking.

These are a few of the photos I took during my short but sweet kayaking trip with my great friend and reliable kayaking partner. I hope I manage to convey some of the beauty of that evening to you!

(By the way, if you haven’t tried it – sleeping in a tent without the outer part, that is, just in the inner tent, is a wonderful experience providing it doesn’t rain. The world is right there, seen through a thin canvas; you can hear the sea and the wind like you were sleeping under a bare sky, and smell the space around you. I highly recommend it.)


A calm evening in the archipelago.


The obligatory gutting of the kayaks, and our natural drying rack.


We weren’t far from civilization (as the bridge might have suggested) – the archipelago is full of both houses and summer cottages.


Phellinus hippophaecola is a polypore living on sea-buckthorn.


Evening colours.


My handsome  kayaking partner after sunset.

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