signs of summer

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching a course on insect and plant photography at the biology department. The students and I spent some time out in the field, trying to apply what I had lectured about to a practical setting. Naturally, I couldn’t help taking some photos myself, too.

Spring was a bit late this year, but nature is finally in full bloom – everything is green, fields are covered with insects mating and eating, and the air is saturated with the sounds of summer. I hope you enjoy these Spring photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


The Herb Paris (Paris quadrifolia) is one of the most distinctive, and in my mind most beautiful, plants at this time of the year. It’s closely related to the Lily of the Valley, which also has poisonous berries.


The Bird Cherry (Prunus padus) is one of the first trees to flower here. The flowers have a strong scent, which many associate with the beginning of summer.


I photographed this wasp against a white background and with a flash, just to see what it looked like. The photo was taken in the forest.


This hoverfly was completely covered in dandelion pollen…


… and this Blackbird (Turdus merula) was very curious of the gang walking around in the forest.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your spring/autumn!

2 thoughts on “signs of summer

  1. Fantastic photos! With each new photo, I found myself wanting to say “my favourite one is…”. You’re getting better & better at nature photography. 🙂 Well done!

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