the beauty of the mundane

Sometimes, it’s time to stop and look at the everyday things around us – the things we normally take for granted and walk past without thinking much about. You might have to look really close to see it, or maybe getting far away is required. But somewhere in there it is – the beauty of textured surfaces, be they permanent or fleeting.


The lid of a cooking pot can be pretty interesting sometimes! Also, it works as entertainment – the people eating dinner with you might find it intriguing to see you staring at condensation.


The wall of a greenhouse in winter.


Thor’s skin?


Wet sand.

Bild 088_1

A leaf skeleton.


Dead wood can be really beautiful and show a diversity of colour that living trees rarely do.

7 thoughts on “the beauty of the mundane

    • Thanks for your comment, Lyle! If your talking about the leaf skeleton one, I quite like it, too. It’s a good example of something that’s really common, but maybe not that commonly seen.

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