day of finnish nature

Today, for the first time ever, we’re officially celebrating the Day of Finnish Nature! It’s a day for appreciation and maybe a bit of reflection, too – what does nature mean to us, and why are we destroying it? I also hope this day will raise awareness of the natural catastrophes that take place in Finland every year, caused both by companies and individuals. Money comes first far too often.

Here, I want to share some photos of people enjoying the natural world around them. Nature is extremely important to me in every possible way – I hope that will always be the case. Maybe you’ll take some time today to go out and enjoy the natural beauty around you? Appreciation has no political boundaries.


In the outer archipelago.


Fishing on a misty summer morning.


Bogs are incredible places to be – full of life of all kinds!


In the winter, we walk on water.


City life doesn’t stop some people from enjoying nature, either…

4 thoughts on “day of finnish nature

  1. Well said. That first photo is particularly good. I usually try so hard to keep people out of the photo but in this case you can feel their enjoyment of the scene.

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