midwinter in morocco

It’s been a while! Since the last time I made a post on here, I’ve had two photo exhibitions and a move to Morocco – events that made it hard to keep up a regular blogging schedule. Now that I’m back, I hope to change that. There’s so much to photograph here! I also post a lot of photos on my personal blog. The photos are quite different from the ones on here, and the writing is in Swedish, but you’re of course welcome to have a look if you want. 

Last week, I visited Essaouira (again), a port city in southern Morocco. It’s one of my favourite places in the world – it’s so colourful and full of life. The closeness to the Atlantic is also stunning. Everyone who stays there, tourists and residents alike, seem to be drawn to it, to walk on the sandy shore and swim or surf among the waves. I swam on christmas eve!

It’s such a marvellous place that it’s difficult not to share some views from there. I tried to not only be overwhelmed by the place, but also have some plans for my photographic endevours. I really wanted to catch the light before sunrise, and I hoped to do some long-exposure photography. I managed both, and some more. Here are some of the photos I really enjoyed – I hope you like them too. Feel free to comment if you do, but also if you don’t!


Where sea meets land.


The evening we arrived it was hard to avoid the very prominent flags.


After sunset, the stars and the wandering people come out.


Early morning, before sunrise. This friendly stray dog decided to join us on our walk.




Wood, eroded by sand, wind and ocean.


The city is full of gulls, cats and dogs.


I also met this heron (possibly a Little Egret, Egretta garzetta), who was out looking for breakfast.


The colourful market.




… And people looking at them (and maybe the sea also).


Fishing boats.


The port at sunset. That gull sure looks like it owns the place!


A long-exposure (20 seconds) photograph right after the sun set behind the ruins in the sea.

4 thoughts on “midwinter in morocco

  1. as with my daughter, Linda, I imagine what most people love about you is your unique intelligence and individuality.
    in this new-to-you culture, are you going to be able to maintain all the ways that make you special, Hannele?

    Morocco sure is a terrific home for your photographic abilities!

    • I’m sure I’m going to change, I always have, but if I thought the environment I’m in is going to change me in a way that’s against my principles, I wouldn’t have gone. This country’s culture is also different from the culture in this family – the latter is one of critical thinking and open discussion – so it’s a good place to learn a lot.

      Thanks for your comment, Pip. 🙂

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