it’s spring in essaouira

You might’ve already guessed that Essaouira is one of my favourite cities in Morocco. It’s also the default place to go when we have guests, which is why I visited this beautiful, old town for the second time in two months just last week. One would think that at some point, you run out of photos to take there. I don’t expect that will happen, because the sea and the people constantly change. Oh, and the cats and gulls and dogs, of course!

Here are some of my favourite shots from our recent vacation in this ancient, walled city. I hope you enjoy them!


It was very, VERY windy.


The colours in this place are nothing but stunning. One almost gets inspired to do some interior design and cover a whole wall with these plates!


The ever-present ocean.


… And those who live off of its gifts.


I got the opportunity to observe when they were working on a new fishing boat. A big one takes one year to make, if six people work on it.


Evening stroll.


The magnificent blue.


… and the beautiful people.

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