the hard life of a tiny rhinoceros

Sometimes, when you’re just bumbling about looking for some nice, soft fruit to eat, you end up in an area with no food, no place to burrow and little shade. These places are often frequented by giants who don’t even notice you most of the time. If they do, they’ll either pick you up, but not to eat you; or push you away with a lot of force (that’s a good time to roll up and prepare yourself for impact). Few do what this one giant decided to do. It changed from being a vertical giant to a horizontal giant, a bit like a huge worm, and it covered its face with one giant eye and pointed it at me. When I tried to find out whether it was a threat to me, the eye did nothing but follow me. So I kept trying to find some familiar substrate, a way away from the seemingly endless, colourful stone that I somehow ended up on. The eye just kept on staring at me, followed by the giant. Strange creature.


Out on my evening walk in dangerous territory.


The ground was slippery and unfriendly.


It all got worse as the giant’s friend came around. Its method of interacting with me was far more violent.


Fortunately, I’m covered in armor from mandible to sternum.

In the end, the giant airlifted me to softer ground. It was terrifying, but at least I could hide! I sure won’t go back there again.


4 thoughts on “the hard life of a tiny rhinoceros

    • I agree about the perspective thing. I think it’s a good exercise to try to imagine other creatures’ perspectives sometimes. Thanks for your comment!

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