gräulich – a dreadful post

Quite a while ago, a reader requested a blog post based on one word: gräulich. The word is German and has two meanings, each derived from a different root.

Meaning I: grayish; from grau (grey).
Meaning II: horrible, dreadful, frightful, ghoulish; from grauen (to be terrified).

My goal is to incorporate both meanings into every photo. Those two are mind-boggling enough already, but the reader informed me about another interesting aspect to the matter: the word for grey ultimately comes from old high German for shimmering, radiant. So let’s see how it goes.

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and thought I should time it so that readers don’t get depressed from seeing these photos. In Finland, posting these photos in November would probably lead to a lot of sad faces. Now summer is coming, though, and everyone on the northern hemisphere is happy! Right?

Remember: if you have requests or ideas for blog posts, I’m very happy to hear them! Also, feel free to add your opinions and comments if you feel like it. Now, to those horrible, grey photos…


Let’s start with the ghoulish one. This photo is from some years back, when me and a friend were having fun and experimenting in the studio.


Adding a bit of shimmer! This one perhaps lacks the frightful aspect, but I think it’s in the eye (brain) of the beholder!

sten bw_01

A dark, ominous landscape in the Swedish mountains.


Quite dreadful, no? I found this chick on a street in rainy New York.


A collection of grave lanterns. Perhaps that causes some of you to shudder?


 More misery than anything else, really.


Sometimes even the grayish and the ghoulish can be beautiful. 

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