the great mosque of cordoba

There will be a bit of a break here on the blog. Tomorrow, I’m flying to Finland to visit family and friends, and to run a marathon (what a silly thing to do on your vacation, right?). I’ll be there for three weeks, and when I return, I’m bringing my dad with me. So there might be up to 5 weeks without any posts!

Before I leave, I want to share some beautiful architecture that I was lucky enough to have the chance to enjoy in Córdoba, Spain about a month ago. The mosque-cathedral was built over 1000 years ago, on a site that was previously a Roman temple, and a Christian church. Today it’s a Catholic cathedral, but the buildings mosque origins are still very obvious. I hope you enjoy the photos!


The beautiful, ornate mihrab.


The now-cathedral still has a very strong atmosphere of Islamic art. 


The unique hypostyle hall


The newer, Christian part of the building is no less impressive. 


… although perhaps impressive in a different way.


Overwhelming, which is the point, perhaps.

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