late birds, night sheep

While we (mainly) sleep at night, there are a lot of creatures that don’t. We might not realize the amount of life and activity that takes place during those dark hours because of our own habits, and perhaps they’re as oblivious to us as we are to them. Many of these creatures are rarely noticed and seen, and it’s even more unusual to see a photo of them – photography requires light, a resource that is often scarce at night.

Of course there are a lot of exceptions. I’m not going to show you those; instead I’m going to share photographs of creatures who have spent the hours before sunrise or after sunset with me. Those hours between light and darkness are special. It feels like everyone and everything is calmer and quieter, as if the whole world decided to lower the volume and the pulse for a while.

It’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy the disappearance of the little light there is, and hang out with the creatures of the night.


These birds had been sitting around all night, but were startled by a bear who was looking for something to eat in the early morning hours.


It might’ve been this friendly creature…


This late night merganser kept me company after a beautiful sunset in Sweden…


… whereas these egrets gave me a dirty look when I arrived at their lake early one morning in Morocco. 


Some creatures wake up long before the sun rises. 


These sheep came looking for a late-night snack and found our kayaks – fortunately, they didn’t eat them. 


You might not know what these kite-like creatures are, but I can tell you: they’re cattle egrets that are up so early that no one can see them very clearly…

2 thoughts on “late birds, night sheep

  1. your fellowship with other creatures is multiples greater than the average, Hannele – which makes your life and contributions that much greater too… 🙂

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