day of finnish nature 2014

Today, we’re celebrating the day of Finnish nature for the second time, ever! I’m travelling at the moment (indeed, I am in Finland!), so this post is done in a bit of a haste. Despite this, I want to make a post because I very much like the idea of a day for nature, since there are days for so many other important concepts. This is what I wrote last year:

It’s a day for appreciation and maybe a bit of reflection, too – what does nature mean to us, and why are we destroying it? I also hope this day will raise awareness of the natural catastrophes that take place in Finland every year, caused both by companies and individuals. Money comes first far too often.

Days for this and that might not have a direct impact on anything, but I think it’s a good opportunity to nudge people to leave the comfort of their homes and go on an outdoor adventure – alone, with friends or family! There is a different kind of comfort there. And why just have it be the day of Finnish nature? Maybe we should make it a global nature appreciation day…

Here are some photos I’ve taken in Finland while outdoors – alone or with friends. I hope you enjoy them and that you get to enjoy an outdoor day, yourself!


My good friend, the mosquito whisperer.


You don’t have to go very far to enjoy what nature has to give – this is right outside downtown Helsinki.


The beauty of early winter – as perfect a time as any to be outdoors.


Blue dusk.


If one only keeps one’s eyes open, there’s an infinite source of inspiration, reflection, creativity and excitement in nature – in both the great and the smallest details.


Never let the joy of learning and discovering dwindle!

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