farm kittens

Let’s start December with some kittens, shall we? I guess I’m not giving you very much choice, but you can always leave if you hate cats. If not, get ready for kitten-fest! These cats share the farm that I also live on. I’ve posted about kittens (different ones, of course) from here before.

This is also my 100th post, apparently, so I’ll use it as an opportunity to celebrate the creatures who, after all, own the internet.


Stella, who is turning out to be a master hunter!


Rufus is the friendliest cat around – he loves sitting on people’s shoulders as they walk around outside.


Rufus, Stella and their brother Lucky keeping warm.


Amir(a), one of the more shy kittens. The name means prince in Arabic, but might need the added ‘a’ (changing the meaning to princess), if we confirm that he is actually a she. There are two biologists on the farm, but we’re better at identifying ants than the sex of cats and dogs, apparently… Either way, (s)he’s stunning!


Silver-eyes never lets you come near, but is happy to hang around!


And last, but not least, my rescue project Smeagol (the gray one). She and her brother were born to a mother far too young, so I took her in to try to help her survive. Unfortunately, before then, her brother Gollum (on top) died. Believe me, their names we appropriate. They looked like little mutated monsters. This is Smeagol today:Ā 


I think I can say, Mission accomplished!

Enjoy December, everybody!

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