the spring rush

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere, in case you hadn’t noticed. Spring in Morocco is a bit like summer in Finland – windy, warm, with the occasional rain. Summer here is beyond anything we get in Finland; likewise, winter in Finland is beyond anything we experience in Morocco.

I’ve never had a favourite season, or a least favourite one – there’s something marvellous about all of them. It’s satisfying to see large changes happening and trying to understand the links between seemingly distant phenomena: like enjoying the mist in late autumn, as the air gets very cold while the sea water retains its heat, or seeing the rivers and streams rush through snow-free landscapes as the mountains slowly release their white blankets.

I recently came back from a three-week trip to Germany and France. It was early spring, and it even snowed – the only snow fall I saw this year. I have to admit that I had missed it a bit. The rivers were being unusually active and exciting and I spent many hours photographing the way the water moved and hissed. What a perfect holiday: watching and listening to spring rivers rush by.

And afterwards, a fire place and a glass of wine.








IMG_4605_1500_72Maple leaf.



I hope you’re all enjoying whichever season you’re experiencing at the moment! Savour it while it lasts – it will soon be gone. (But it’ll also be back in a while – just to end on a positive note…)

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