the magnificent mountains of morocco

Since it’s exactly two years today since I moved to Morocco with my partner and our cat, I thought I’d share one of my favourite parts of this country with you: the mountains! There are two mountain ranges that stretch through Morocco: the Atlas and the Rif. The highest mountain in North Africa, Jbel Toubkal, is situated in southwestern Morocco and its highest peak is 4,167 metres above sea level (13,671 feet). I haven’t yet visited that particular mountain, but I intend to!

The Moroccan mountains are home to many endemic species (that is, species that only occur in a specific region), such as the Atlas cedar, the Atlas mountain viper and the Barbary macaque (that I made a post about before I even moved here). To me, the mountains add yet another stunning natural habitat to this country of extremes. To the west, we have the long coast with the Atlantic, always humid and often fertile; further east, going from north-east to south-west, there are mountains covered in snow and coniferous forest; and along the eastern border, the great, ever-expanding Sahara desert, the world’s largest. There’s certainly something for everyone.

So here’s my photographic ode to this country where I’m happy to say that I have found yet another home:


Crossing the High Atlas, one of the three sub-ranges in the Moroccan Atlas mountains.


Hazy hills, also in the High Atlas.


I like calling this one The Moroccan Flag – the red of the soil combined with the green of the vegetation always reminds me of the colours of the flag.


On the other side: on our way to the desert with the Anti-Atlas range nearby.


Two months ago, we went hiking in the Rif mountains in the north of the country. We were rewarded with stunning views and unforgettable experiences! I will probably make another post about that trip, but I’ve only processed very few photos from there so far. It’s been a very photo-intense summer and autumn! (I’m not complaining)


The beautiful (and homely) coniferous forest of Talassemtane national park in the Rif mountains.


The endemic Atlas cedar near the peak of the area’s highest mountain, Jbel Lakraa.


Our galaxy, the Milky Way, revealing itself in the night sky above the Rif mountains.

6 thoughts on “the magnificent mountains of morocco

    • The same is true of me – I grew up in the part of Finland which is jokingly called Pampas (after the South American lowlands) because it’s so flat. I think this is why I always feel completely overwhelmed (in a good way) and astounded when I see mountains!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  1. Ohh WOW NICE thanks for taking such photos of my country
    There isn’t a lot of pictures of tge Moroccan nature exept for some picture of the desert which I don’t find them that good
    Any way your the best.GREAT JOOB

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