white and blue and everything else

It’s Finland’s 98th independence day today. I miss the good things, and they are many; I miss the familiar things, some of which are good. Many of the things I miss are much older than 98 years – the archipelago, the seasons, the sauna, the languages; the people I miss are all younger. My heart is a travelling heart, but it was created and grew in an atmosphere of fresh air, friendship, comfortable silence, and tolerance. For that, I am grateful.

They say that the colours of Finland are white and blue, but to me, they are a rainbow.


The home-made, traditional red paint.


The orange light created by sunset light over a misty swamp.


The amazing creatures that can survive the severe drought and cold of the winters, like this yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus).


The refreshing, overwhelming green of summer.


The blue of the polar night, of the sky, and of the lakes.


The ever-returning life with and fight against the darkness, like this indigo performance during Lux Helsinki.


The wind dancing in violets in the outer archipelago.

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