maya & ava – the joys of summer

It’s winter and the year is getting very old… So why not have a bit of a throw-back to summer and children?

Let’s be honest: I’ve never really had a great interest in children. To me, some of them seem decent and okay to be around, some are even a bit funny, and some, to be honest, mostly seem annoying. Luckily they have parents who have little choice but to love them (and yes, yes, I’m sure they’re lovely at other times). I have to admit, though, than since my childhood friends started having kids of their own, my attitude has slowly started changing. Because honestly, when the annoying little brats are perfect little copies of your best friends at the time when you were reveling in the fact that the world revolved around you and your fantasy worlds, how can you resist? At that point it’s hard not to give in a bit and say, okay kids, I won’t judge you too harshly. Also, you have to, because you start realizing what a horrible child you (and your friends…) were.

So in August, when my friend asked if I could come and take some photos of her two children, I said ‘Of course!’. It was a beautiful summer day, and my friend had just moved back to the village where we spent our childhood. I won’t go into much detail concerning the photo session – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – but two kids have rarely made me feel so welcome. I guess that it may, perhaps, also have a little bit to do with attitude.

I hope I managed to capture some of the happiness, wildness and friendliness of these wonderful kids, and share it with you. Enjoy!


Back yard angel.


(Daughter of) Mischief.


One of the few sibling portraits I managed to capture.


… but I guess they don’t always have to look sedate. The children weren’t, either!


Big sister,


and little sister.


It’s a sign of a successful photo shoot when, in the end, you’re sitting in a tree.

This is probably my last blog post this year, so happy new year to all of you! Let’s meet again in 2016.

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