a rusty beginning

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope the beginning of the year has been good for you and that the remainder will be even better.

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I finally got around to it. As I ended last year with images of youth, growth and excitement, I thought that it would be appropriate to begin this year with tranquil ageing. There’s beauty in that, too!

Rust is corrosion of iron and will always happen as long as there is oxygen and water around. Given enough time, the rusting will lead to the iron disintegrating. It’s a well-known phenomenon, and to me, one of the most beautiful forms of decay. I hope you enjoy the photos!

(I also just added a few more poems to this blog, so if you have an interest in such silliness, go have a look!)


Rust and ivy (Hedera maroccana).


This old Soviet tractor is slowly becoming a home to many creatures.


A perfect place for rust – a humid environment filled with oxygen-producers.


Layers and textures.


An old chain at sunset.


Rust and verdigris on someone’s long-lost keys.

That’s one way to begin the year. I hope to post a bit more regularly than last year, but most of all I hope it’s a year filled with interesting and mind-opening art for everyone. And remember: I’m always happy to hear any thoughts and suggestions you may have!

2 thoughts on “a rusty beginning

    • Thanks for coming by and for the comment! That one is my favourite, too. I seem to like old and rusty things surrounded by plants – the contrast is a large part of it, I think.

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