autumn in dreamy cambridge

You hear things about England. I mean, at least I have. I don’t remember exactly what they are, the things I’ve heard, but they have created an image in my mind. I’m having difficulty putting those images into words, but fortunately, I have those images right here, where I can share them with you.

A year ago, I ended up visiting Cambridge with my partner. We were only there for a few days, but those days were enough to confirm and expand my views of this strange land, a place so utterly drenched in human history that it’s hard to imagine what it was like before our species inhabited it.

I took on the challenge to get to know the area by wandering along the river Cam, through campuses and fields, on paths tread by Darwin, Newton and Milton (to name just a few), and by having a couple of sweet old ladies try to save my soul in a park in full autumn colours. No souls were saved, but I continued to move through a surreal haze until it was evening, and I found a nice pub to clear my head in.

So, to get back to those images I promised I’d share… Enjoy exploring autumnal Cambridge through my eyes!


The last to hold on.


Down by the river…


… where seemingly friendly swans come nibble at your fingers.


Punts and a duck.




Fire in the wind where Milton used to sit and study.

3 thoughts on “autumn in dreamy cambridge

    • Thank you, Pip! I have seen them so many times by now that I was getting bored of them, so I’m glad there is something there.

      Many thanks for your comment!

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