where ocean & continent meet

Bodies of water have always fascinated me, but lately I’ve come to realize that it isn’t just the expanse of an ocean or the potential of a river that has me mesmerized. I also love coasts or shores; any border between land and water. I love them because they’re seemingly so solid, yet in reality, so fuzzy. It’s a border that moves everyday and over the eons; and the one between land and water is a relationship that takes and gives.

So when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said: “I want to see the ocean”. And I did. I saw the mighty Atlantic crash into vast Africa, tirelessly, as it has for much, much longer than we have existed. It’s a good way to spend a birthday, by the way – it makes the whole idea of a year or 31 seem like… not nothing, but definitely nothing to worry about.


I wasn’t the only one spending an evening by the coast outside Rabat.


Nor was I the only one trying to capture a glimpse of it.


As the sun set, the gulls took off to find a place to sleep… The humans soon followed their lead.


The road to Rabat.



About a week later, we returned for another hang-out by/with the ocean. I have a feeling there will be many more.


Hazy sunset.


Rocks shaped by water.


The unceasing heaving of the sea.

I guess I make a 30-minute drive out to the coast sound like something much more when I gave this post that title, but I just couldn’t help myself – just as I can’t help experiencing something inexplicably vast in both time and space when I stare at the ocean. I hope my photos managed to convey a taste of that.

5 thoughts on “where ocean & continent meet

  1. Admit it, Hannele, you love all that nature and the world have to offer. But, there is an implacable vastness to the oceans and a visual openness that can mesmerize. 🙂 pip

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