the wedding of aino and josh

Last weekend I was celebrating the wedding of a very good friend of mine, Aino, and her partner, Josh. I’ve heard from many photographers that you should never photograph a friend’s wedding – if you do, you miss the actual party. So when I was asked to take some photos there, I made it clear that I wouldn’t do it like I normally would. After all, I was there to see people and enjoy the joyful atmosphere. At the same time, I wanted to make sure they had good photos and since I always carry my camera anyway, I did promise to take some photos. And how do you say no to a good friend? It all turned out alright, although I did feel a bit of a duty to be aware of things more than I normally would. It was fun, though, and it’s always great to look through pictures after a party. This was no exception.

This was also the first time I got to meet Aino’s partner, and it was a joy. Everyone was so relaxed and the party was great – like it should be!



The happy couple.



The cozy venue and decorations.


One of the wedding cakes. Aino is an avid bird-watcher, which might explain the bird on “her” head…


The more traditional cake (the untraditional one was better, of course).




The groom’s mother giving a speech.




Dancing is always part of the program! This is where I usually hide behind my camera.



The beautiful couple.

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