the best of 2013 – in photos

So here we are again – another year is over and we’re all wiser! Photographically, this has been a great year for me. I’ve taken a huge amount of photos, both for work and for pleasure (not that those two are in any way separate), I’ve had two very nice exhibitions and I’ve been employed as a photographer for the first time ever!

To make this year’s “summary” a bit easier, I decided to choose one photograph per month. I hope this helps me show the variety of photography I’ve done during this very intense year – and a glimpse into my life as a photographer.

Here we go – a flash-back into the year 2013. I hope you’ve all had a great one and the next one will be even better! Thanks for all your views, comments and likes, they warm my heart.


In January, I experimented with colours and fungi.


In February, I continued my lightpainted equations project in Helsinki.


In March, I went to Stockholm and took a lot of photos of ice.


At the end of April, it was still cold, but spring was creeping in.


In May, the wedding season started.


In June, I was teaching a biology course and got to take a lot of great photos of Finnish nature. One of my favourites was this raft spider I met on a bog!


In July, me and Ik (a.k.a. The Gentleman Paddlers) went kayaking in the archipelago outside Vaasa in Finland. It was beautiful. This photo is taken with a remote.


The summer ended with weddings – but also a couple of funerals. Professionally, it was an interesting development, which I quite appreciated. Personally, the experiences were both sad and beautiful.


In September, I participated in and photographed the annual Rainbow Weekend. This photo, taken outside the Russian embassy in Helsinki, is from a demonstration against the “gay propaganda” laws passed in St. Petersburg earlier this year.


In October, I was still taking school photos of children all over southern Finland. One day, I went to the beautiful Fiskars village and took the afternoon off to photograph the incredible textures and colours there.


November was all about moving – packing, storing things, and travelling. Our cat, Amira, came with us all the way from Finland to Morocco. Not all cats can say that they’ve lived on several continents during their lifetime!


In December, I’ve been getting used to living in Morocco. It’s not as difficult as one might think, thanks to my family here and all the friendly people I know. It also helps that I’ve been here many times before. For christmas, we went to Essaouira, but this photo is taken on the farm where I live nowadays.

I wish you all a wonderful year 2014, full of beauty and friendliness!

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