whispers in the sand

The Sahara (the Arabic word for desert) is the largest desert in the world. Being surrounded by it gives a feeling of an infinite sea of sand. It’s like an ocean, but the opposite – it’s dry, hard to live in, with enormous changes in temperature. It doesn’t make it any less beautiful, though – and living in Morocco, one of the African countries which the Sahara is reaching into, I decided that I really need to see this vast expanse of sand, wind and sun.

The experience was not a disappointment. Walking in the sand and sleeping under the stars was like a dream – something completely different and quite unbelievable. The silence was stunning. Not only were we far from human habitation, but being a desert, there weren’t even any creatures that sang or shrieked or played.

After the first overwhelming feeling of infinite space and never-ending waves of sand, I started taking a closer look: the colours, the patterns, the lines. It’s an ever-changing work of art, created by wind, light and sand. From my human perspective I saw brush strokes, calligraphy made by the wind, patterns of a seemingly invisible sea. The desert is a place one can easily get lost in, both physically and mentally.

There is intricate detail and stupendous variability even in the greatest of things.


The writing of the wind.


Soft shadows and moving piles of sand.


The smaller waves.




Sunrise light and shadow.


Layers of sand.


A brush stroke.

I’ll discreetly insert a shameless plug here at the end: some of these photos can be bought over here! I’ve recently added some of my best work to RedBubble, and made it available on art prints, phone cases, t-shirts etc. So if you’re so inclined, go have a look, and feel free to share it with others if you think they’d enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “whispers in the sand

    • Yes; the colour palette almost suggests a skin tone, and the curves and lines help, too. Isn’t funny how our brains work? 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Pip!

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